orig. SPRÄNGAREN Released: December 2001

Sprängaren (Deadline) takes us behind the scenes in the high-pressure world of a tabloid newspaper office as journalist Annika Bengtzon tries to uncover the details behind a devastating bomb blast in the newly constructed Olympic Stadium, which left the seemingly “perfect” woman head of the organising committee dead.

As the investigation deepens, Annika finds herself out on a limb as her gut feeling that the attack was personally motivated and not a random terrorist attack, which puts her at odds with the police and her more circulation-minded colleagues. By sticking to her guns, not only does Annika unmask the real killer, but she also takes us on a fascinating journey into the labyrinths of media reporting,headlines,deadlines and truth bending, as well as police investigations and professional rivalry in a cut-throat business that is a bastion of male domination. Along the way, we get glimpses into the everyday life that face intelligent, independent but sensitive women everywhere – how to juggle love, family, economic independence and career moves.