(orig. GOSSIP) Released: December 2002

An actor without a part is like a bird without wings.

In a business still driven by men we look into the hopes and fears, the emotion and insecurity of ten actresses during one day of their life. On this day one of them expects to be given the part of Queen Christina in an American remake of the Garbo classic - a break that would be the chance of a lifetime.

It's a very fine line between the reality of life and the dreams actors are expected to live in to allow us, the audience, to sit in the cinema or a theatre and in turn, dream ourselves. What is private and what is public - where does one world stop and the other begin? When you're filming a love story with an actor during the day and playing a love story against his wife in the evening the line starts to become complicated but if you're also having a relationship with the filmdirectors wife it is understandable that the line gets lost.

The world we look into is both tragic and comic, but above all about the family that the women are drawn into at work and the family they hold together at home.

24 hours is not a long time but long enough to look into the chaos of life.