(orig. SÅNT ÄR LIVET) Released: 25th October 1993

The central character of this film is Tin-Tin, a travelling bar piano player in the first stages of her 30-year-old-crises. Her dreams are two: to play at the prestigious bar at the Grand Hôtel in Stockholm and to be married before she reaches her 30th birthday.

Driven on by her unmarried mother, she wants the wedding to take place before or on that day. When the film opens she is less than two weeks away from that birthday. It is this panic that drives the film, and in one way or another drives all the central characters - her mother, her father, the guy she lives with, her manager, the owner of a small hotel in the north of Sweden and a Norwegian industrialist.

To have one dream is one thing, the reality of life another.

Even though Tin-Tin is not totally clear of this at the beginning of the film she has no doubts at the end… Such is life is a drama comedy about love, broken promises and fulfilled dreams.